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Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography | Family, Age, Height, Cast, Career Info, Records & More

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography: (born: February 5, 1990) Full Name Bhuvneshwar Kumar Singh is a player of India’s Test cricket, one-day cricket and Twenty20 cricket. Bhuvneshwar Kumar plays for Uttar Pradesh in first class cricket.

Kumar, who played for Royal Challengers Bengaluru in the Indian Premier League, represented pune Warriors India team in the sixth edition of the competition. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, along with the medium-fast swing bowler of the right hand, also batting with the right hand in the middle order, which makes him a harfnamula cricket player. the twenty-fourth consonant of the Devanagari syllabary

bhuvaneshwar Kumar specializes in swinging the ball on both sides of the wicket, causing him to be a leading bowler of the Indian cricket team. Without them, the Indian cricket team seems incomplete.

Born in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, Born Bhuvaneshwar Kumar Biography has also been concerned with the Kamri village of Karauli. At present, Bhubaneswar Kumar lives in Nadati.

Bhubaneswar Kumar Biography was born on February 5, 1990 at the home of Uttar Pradesh police force police sub-inspector Indresh Pal Singh and Kiran Pal Singh at Mirut. His full name is Bhubaneswar Kumar Singh. His father has contributed significantly in making him a cricket player.

Cricket Careers –

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has made a first class cricket against Bengal at the age of 17.

In the second semi-final against North-Jhon, Bhuvneshwar Kumar picked up 1 wicket at an economy rate of 3.03 and scored 128 runs in 312 balls. He also had partnerships with four batsmen to become his team’s highest scoring batsman in the match. He also became the man of the match of the match. He became the first bowler to make Sachin Tendulkar out at zero in the 2008/09 Ranji Trophy final.

After performing well in ranji session of 2008/09, he started playing royal Challenger Bangalore in IPL. In 2011, he played on behalf of the Pune Warriors. After his exit from Pune Warriors in 2014, he started playing on behalf of Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Surefire weapon made to mimic ball after swing

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is primarily considered to be the master of swing bowling. But in recent visits, he has included ‘ imitation ball ‘ as his surefire weapon. Especially in short draft matches like ODI and Twenti—20, it is proving to be a special help in stopping the run and getting wickets.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography

What is ‘Imitation Ball’

Imitation ball is actually considered to be a baseball game. To throw this ball, the ball has to be caught at the last end of the fingers, so that it has a minimal effect on the rotation of the fingers or the kalaios while throwing it.

It does not move in the air after throwing the ball and goes straight to the wicket. The ball is also slower than normal games. This makes the batsman dodge its speed and increase the keys to the wicket.

International Cricket Life

Bhuvneshwar Kumar started his international cricket life in 2012 from the India-Pakistan Twenty20 series.


Kumar, who played for Royal Challengers Bengaluru in the Indian Premier League, represented pune Warriors India team in the sixth edition of the competition. Then, in the next 7th edition of IPL, the new team joined Sunrisers Hyderabad and have been playing for the same team since then.

Married to Nupur Nagar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar married his childhood friend Nupur Nagar on November 24, 2017. Nupur is also a resident of Meerut. He is an engineer by profession and does job in Noida. In Ganganagar, Meerut, there was a home in Nupur in the neighbourhood of Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

The identity of childhood first changed into friendship and then both decided to live together throughout their lives. The initial schooling of Nupur Nagar was held in Dehradun. There he studied till class VI.

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Thereafter, his family came to Meerut. He studied at JP Academy, Mawana Road till 12th. Then, from Noida to BTech, he started doing job in a multi-national company.

Interesting information

  1. Since childhood, he was interested in cricket. At the age of 10, he started playing league tournaments as an amateur, played with tennis balls
  2. At the age of 13, he joined the Bhamasshah Cricket Academy in Meerut.
  3. If he were not a cricketer today, he would have been an army officer today.
  4. He considers swing bowler Praveen Kumar as his ideal, as he has learnt a lot from Praveen Kumar.
  5. He was nicknamed “The Swing King” due to his lethal inswing and out swing bowling.
  6. Besides being a bowler, he is also a good batsman. During the first-class match in the year 2012, he batted at No.8 and scored 128 runs on 253 balls.
  7. He is one of the bowlers who bowled out the batsman to get his first wicket in all 3 formats of the game. He bowled out “Nasser Jamshed” in T20, “Mohammad Hafeez” in One-Day International (ODI) and “David Warner” in Tests.
  8.  He is ishant Sharma’s best friend in the Indian team.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar Biography | Family, Age, Height, Cast, Career Info, Records & More


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