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Sant Ravidas Biography
Sant Ravidas Biography

Sant Ravidas Biography, Date Of Birth, History, Jayanti, Family, And More

Sant Ravidas Biography: However, for centuries in our country, India has blessed this land of Bharat by taking birth, which is why India is called the World Guru, and when there is high-rise discrimination in our country, the religious discrimination has been at its peak.

Then many great men in our country, India, have taken birth on this earth and have worked to hinder the whole society in the formula of unity by walking on the true path of the society, removing the evils and the evil itself.

In the same great Sant, Sant Guru Ravidas Ji is also named after a great social reformer of a 15th century, a philosophical poet and a sense of devotion, cutting across the discrimination of religion. I know about the life of the great saint Guru Ravidas Ji whose life brings us from religion and religion to learn the spirit of social welfare.

Although there is no information about the birth of the great saint Guru Ravidas, the birth of the great Saint Guru Ravidas on the basis of evidence and facts is believed to be around 1377 on the basis of facts. According to the month of Hinduism, the birth of the great saint Guru Ravidas is considered to be the full moon day of Magh month.

On the same day, the birth anniversary of the great Saint Guru Ravidas is celebrated with great fanfare in our country. Sant Ravidas was born in Banaras in 1388 (he was born in 1398). Ramdas is a contemporary of Kabir. Influenced by the laurels of Ramdas, Sikandar Lodi sent him an invitation to visit Delhi.

Sant Ravidas Biography, Date Of Birth, History, Jayanti, Family, And More

Guru Ravidas has a distinctive place in medieval seekers. Like Kabir, Ramdas also has a special place in the major poets of the Sant category. Kabir has recognized him as Ravidas in Santan.

There was no faith of Ramdas in the appearances of idolatry, pilgrimage. He considered the inner feelings and mutual brotherhood of the individual as true religion. Radas has used simple, practical brash language in his poetic writings, which also has a mixture of Avanti, Rajasthani, standing dialect, and Urdu-Persian words.

The Subma and alligator ornaments have been particularly dear to the Ramdas. In straight-plain posts, Sant poet has expressed his heart emotions with great regard. Their self-representation, divine spirit, and spontaneous devotion provoke the heart of the reader. Forty posts of Ramdas are also included in the Holy Scriptures of Sikhs, Guru Granth Saheb.

Ravidas’s Elementary Education:

In his childhood, Sant Ravidas went to his guru Pandit Sharda Nand’s school, which was later prevented by some upper caste people from getting admission there. Although Pandit Sharda felt that Ravidas was not a normal child but a child sent by a God, Pandit Sharadananda enrolled Ravidas in his school and his education began.

He was very fast and promising and received more than teaching his guru. Pandit Sharda Nand was very impressed with him and his behavior, and he thought that one-day Ravidas would be known as a spiritually enlightened and great social reformer.

While studying at pathshala, Ravidas became a friend of Pandit Shardananda’s son. One day, the two men were playing together, for the first time Sant Ravidas Ji won and his friend won for the second time.

The next time, Ravidas Ji’s turn was, but because of darkness, the people could not complete the game and after that, both decided to continue the game the next day. The next morning Ravidas Ji came but his friends did not come. He went to his friend’s house after waiting for a long time and saw that his friend’s parents and neighbors were crying.

innate disposition:

The small events of his life reveal his qualities of time and adherence to the word. Once on the occasion of a festival, the people of the neighborhood were going for Ganga bathing. One of the disciples of Ramdas also urged them to walk, and they said, “I must walk for the Ganga bathing, but I have promised to give a person shoes today.

If I could not give him shoes today, the word would be broken. When the Ganges is going for bathing, how will the mind be here, how will the merits be received? It is advisable to do the same thing that the mind is prepared to do. If the mind is right, it can be the virtue of gangbathing in the water of the Kath agreement.

It is said that since this kind of behavior, the proverb became prevalent that the mind was healed and the Ganges in the hard work.

Sant Ravidas described the spirit of the high-low and the controversy in the name of godliness as immaterial and meaningless and preached to everyone to live together in love. They themselves used to create melodious and devotional bhajans and tell them through emotion.

He believed that Rama, Krishna, Karim, Raghav, etc., are all diverse names of the same God. The Vedas, Quran, mythology, etc., have been a glorification of the same God. Krishn, Karim, Ram, Hari, Raghav, when the sound is not a pekha. Veda Kateb saw the Quran, the Puranan, the Sahaja.

Sant Ravidas Biography
Sant Ravidas Biography

Ravidasji marital life:

Because of his close love and devotion to God, he was getting away from his family business and parents. Seeing this, his parents married him to Mrs. Lona Devi and had a son named Vijay Das. Even after marriage, he was not able to concentrate properly on his family business.

Seeing this, his piti left him out of the house one day to see how Guru Ravidas Ji could do his social work to help his family. Then he began to stay behind his house and began to do his social work. Later, Guru Ravidas Ji became a devotee of Ram’s form and began to express his feelings towards God by pronouncing the names of Ram, Raghunath, Raza Ram Chandra, Krishna, Hari, Govind.

Some social issues of Ravidasji:

They were sent by God to carry out real social and religious works on earth and to remove all the discriminations created by man. Guru Ravidas Ji is known for his great work towards karma. In their time, Dalits were very much ignored.

They were removed from other caste people in society. They were not given to go to worship in temples and children were also given distinctions in schools. At that time, Guru Ravidas Ji gave a new spiritual message to the people of Dalit society so that they could fight the hardships of this method.

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